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Name: Shinju
Birthday: April 15th 1993
Lives: Cebu City,Philippines
Height: 164cm
Weight: 45 kg
Blood Type: O
Idol(s): H!P, HSJ, U-KISS, B2ST, After School, AKB48, 9nine, 4minute, 2NE1.. etc.
Favorite Song(s): Star Time by HSJ
Favorite Food(s): My mother's Spaghetti, Takoyaki, Korean dishes and italian foods :D As well as Chinese foods :D
Favorite Color(s): Pink,Green and Black
Likes: Daydreaming and Eating sweets except sweet candies..
Dislikes: Horror Films,Scary sounds/faces and cockroaches.
Habit: Imagine before sleeping,I dance everytime I'm happy.
Strong Points: The fact that I forget bad events.. (laughs)
Weak Points: When a cockroach attack me.
Charm Points: My eyes & my smile. (smiles widely)
animal-related movies, arashi, buono! and c-ute, dancing, daydreaming, eating and camwhoring, hey!say!jump, news, singing